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2-1-1 yog ib qho yooj yim-rau-nco xov tooj rau neeg hu rau kev kho mob thiab pej xeem qhov kev pab cov ntaub ntawv thiab kev xa mus cuag thiab lwm yam kev pab rau raws li qhov lawv xav tau.

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WIN211 muaj ib tug database thoob hauv lub zej zos cov kev pab koom tes. Nrhiav kev pab? NRHIAV cov nyob hauv internet database.

Hu rau lub Centers Regional

WIN211 yog ib tug network ntawm 7 lub Regional hu rau cov chaw zov me nyuam. Hu 2-1-1 thiab txuas tau nrog ib tug kws paub hauj lwm hauv cheeb tsam koj nyob.

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2-1-1 deev with services statewide to meet community needs and get help into people’s hands.

News Updates

We stand together to fight diabetes!

November 14th, 2017

We stand together to fight diabetes! Learn about & share how
you support people with diabetes #WDDWashington

Support WIN211 this holiday season with AmazonSmile!

November 7th, 2017

Want to support WIN211? Hit the Easy Button this holiday season and shop Amazon with the link below. Your eligible purchases on automatically donate 0.5% of the price to Washington Information Network 2-1-1. AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support WIN211 every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop through this link, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price.

Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays!

Holiday Assistance

Help for the Holidays

October 17th, 2017

Need help for the holidays? Want to give help? 2-1-1 is your connection point for holiday assistance programs throughout Washington State. We can help you find help for Thanksgiving, Christmas, other holiday meals, and gift programs for those in need.

Resources vary throughout the state and programs are being added and updated during the season. Search for holiday help in your area by using the “Nrhiav kev pab” menu, or give us a call by dialing 2-1-1. Happy Holidays!

Signs of Change

September 20th, 2017

Recently the City of Spokane has started posting signs to help people to “Give Real Change”. Read more about this new program at the City of Spokane Website or watch the video below.

2017 2nd Quarter Newsletter

August 30th, 2017

Download our quarterly newsletters to keep up with the latest news from WIN211. Find out about new programs, partner programs, upcoming changes, demographics, caller needs, and much more.

Download Washington 2-1-1 2nd Quarter 2017 Newsletter

WIN211 Receives First Increase in Funding From Washington State Legislature

August 23rd, 2017

Washington Information Network 2-1-1 would like to thank the Washington State Legislature for increasing support for statewide 2-1-1 Information and Referral services in the 2017-2019 State Biennial Operating Budget. Read (more…)

WIN211 2016-2017 Annual Report

August 4th, 2017

Throughout Washington State, WIN211 connects people to help when they need it, builds community resilience, and advocates for breaking cycles of need. Read the annual report from WIN211 for information about our strategic, financial, and operational highlights as well as a look ahead.

2016-2017 WIN211 Report

SAIL – Stay Active and Independent for Life

July 13th, 2017

Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL) is a strength, balance and fitness program for adults 65 and older. Performing exercises that improve strength, balance and fitness are the single most important activity that adults can do to stay active and reduce their chance of falling. The entire curriculum of activities in the SAIL Program can help improve strength and balance, if done regularly.

Classes are offered across the state. To find information about classes, please read (more…)

Complete Eats

June 14th, 2017

Washington State Department of Health is teaming up with Safeway to offer Complete Eats, an exclusive new program in Washington that makes it easier for families on a limited budget to afford fruits and vegetables. Complete Eats offers extra saving to shoppers who use their SNAP/Basic Food benefits (formerly called Food Stamps) when they buy fruits and vegetables. Shoppers who buy at least $10 worth of qualifying fruits and vegetables using their SNAP/EBT card and their Safeway Club Card will get a coupon for $5 off their next purchase. To learn about this program read (more…)

Fresh Bucks Program 2017

May 24th, 2017

The Fresh Bucks program will be returning in May at all Seattle farmers markets and many other locations throughout the state. Fresh Bucks provides extra buying power for people with SNAP benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as “food stamps” and often referred to as “EBT”). By matching dollars spent in food stamp benefits every time they shop at a Fresh Bucks-participating market, SNAP shoppers are able to purchase more fresh, healthy produce – all from local farmers. Fresh Bucks and Similar EBT matching programs are located across Washington State. To learn about the program and locations read (more…)

Koom teg nrug

Washington Connection

Washington kev twb kev txuas

Txhua yam koj yuav tsum tau ua no teb ob peb nqe lus nug thiab nrhiav kom paub seb cov kev pab uas muaj rau koj los ntawm ntau yam rau tsoom fwv teb chaws, lub xeev thiab lub zos cov chaw muab kev pab. Los ntawm ib tug ruaj ntseg tej nyiaj rau hauv lub site, koj yuav txawm thov hauv Internet tau ib co kev pab cuam xws li nyiaj ntsuab, khoom noj khoom haus, kev tu me nyuam; tu; and Medicare savings programs.

To apply for services online visit


National Council on Aging

Chronic Disease

Hais txog 91% of older adults have a least one chronic condition, and 73% have at least two. Chronic conditions – such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and lung disease – seriously compromise the quality of life of older adults, often forcing them to give up their independence too soon. Chronic conditions also place a significant financial burden on individuals as well as health care systems. In 2011, this cost totaled nearly $3 trillion. The traditional medical model – which focuses more on the illness than the patient – is costly and often ineffective. Get more facts on the impact of chronic disease at the NCOA Center for Healthy Aging – Chronic Disease.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

Through a partnership with the U.S. Administration on Aging, NCOA promotes the implementation of Stanford University’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) in communities throughout the United States. Offered not only in this country but also worldwide, this program has been has been proven to help older adults better manage their chronic conditions, improve their quality of life, and lower their health care costs.

CDSMP workshops meet once a week for two and one-half hours, over six consecutive weeks. Workshops are facilitated by two trained leaders, one or both of whom are non-health professionals with chronic diseases themselves. Workshops are highly interactive.

Topics include the following:

  • How to deal with frustration, fatigue, pain, and isolation.
  • Ways to maintain and improve strength, flexibility, and endurance.
  • Managing medications.
  • How to communicate more effectively with family, friends, and health professionals.
  • Healthy eating.

See more at: NCOA Center on Healthy Aging – Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

Department of Health

Washington State Department of Health

WIN211 muaj partnered nrog rau Washington State Department of Health pab txhawb kev kho mob thiab kev nyab xeeb nyob rau ib chav ua neej nrog rau kev npaj thaum muaj xwm ceev thiab cov lus qhia teb, kev tiv thaiv kev mob ua npaws thiab txhaj tshuaj, thiab lwm yam kev txhawj xeeb txog kev kho mob.

Chronic Disease Self Management Programs

WIN211 has partnered with the Washington State Department of Health to promote the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program.

Living Well Chronic Disease Self Management Program
Imagine how it would feel to take control of your health!
  • Use medications effectively
  • Solve problems and meet personal goals
  • Talk to your doctor about your health
  • Make choices about your treatment
  • Be a healthy caregiver
Rediscover your zest for living a healthy life in six weeks!

Are you unsure about how to best manage an ongoing health condition? Are you tired, anxious, frustrated, in pain? Try something new! Join a safe, supportive six-week self-management workshop and discover new, practical ways to live better and healthier.

The Living Well self-management workshop was developed at Stanford University and has become the proven leader in self-management for people with chronic health conditions. Sign up for a workshop in your area and rediscover the life you’ve been missing. New workshops are scheduled regularly by request.

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