American Diabetes Association’s National Healthy Lunch Day – September 19th, 2017

American Diabetes Association’s National Healthy Lunch Day – September 19th, 2017

On Tuesday, September 19, WIN211 promotes the American Diabetes Association’s National Healthy Lunch Day.

Why is National Healthy Lunch Day so important? Most of us are uncertain about what’s best to eat, what’s healthful and what’s not. Often our food choices are full of calories, yet lack the vitamins and minerals that we need for energy and to feel our best. Our wellness goal is to promote good nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle, and help everyone make better food choices. To start, let’s do lunch—a healthy lunch. To find out how read


6 Tips for Packing a Healthy Lunch

One simple (and affordable) step to better health is to bring a good-for-you lunch from home. Here’s how:

  1. On the weekend, decide what you will eat for lunch for the week and add it to your grocery list. That way, it’s quick and easy to grab healthy choices when you pack your lunch.
  2. Consider batch-cooking on the weekend. Make a big pot of chili, soup, or a big bowl of whole-grain and veggie salad. These will keep for a few days in the fridge and can be eaten throughout the week for lunch.
  3. Take five minutes every night (or morning) to pack something healthy for the day.
  4. Use portable containers—such as a lunchbox, thermos, and various containers with tight-fitting lids—to pack and take your healthy lunch. Extra-small containers come in handy for single servings of peanut butter or salad dressings.
  5. Remember food safety – if you don’t have access to a refrigerator to store your lunch, insert a cold pack into the lunch box and be sure to choose foods that will stay fresh and yummy from the time you pack them until it’s time to eat lunch.
  6. For days you can’t pack lunch, keep some non-perishable healthy options at your desk, such as light tuna in water, whole wheat crackers, no-sugar-added canned fruit, popcorn, and nuts.

For more ideas download NHLD Recipe Cards_2017 with four great recipe ideas.