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  • What is 2-1-1?

    • An easy-to-remember phone number for people to call for health and human service information and referrals and other assistance to meet their needs.
    • 2-1-1 is standards-driven. These standards include training, quality assurance procedures, effective management practices, and program evaluation.
    • 2-1-1 reaches approximately 291 million people (93% of the total U.S. population) covering all 50 states (including 39 states with 90%+ coverage), the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

    Why is it important?

    • 2-1-1 provides simple access to the variety of essential services people need to lead healthier, more productive lives.
    • 2-1-1 provides real-time tracking of community needs, allowing policy makers and funders to make informed decisions about resource allocation.
    • 2-1-1 builds community by connecting people with the programs and agencies who can put their donations and volunteer time to good use.

    Who supports 2-1-1?

    • United Way of America and the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems are leading the effort to develop a nationwide, integrated 2-1-1 system.
    • In Washington State, the Legislature designated the Washington 2-1-1 as the lead organization to plan, develop, implement and support a 2-1-1 network.

    2-1-1 supports effective emergency response

    • 2-1-1 can take calls from volunteers or people who want to make donations during a crisis, allowing first responders like the Red Cross and Salvation Army to focus on the relief effort.
    • In the aftermath of 9/11 the Connecticut 2-1-1 call center aided the immediate response effort and continues to take calls for families and survivors who need support two years after the tragedy.
    • Washington 2-1-1 call centers are linked together to create a redundant system – if one call center goes down, others will be online to provide unbroken access to accurate information to anyone who needs it.

    How can you help?

    • You can help by Donating to your local 2-1-1 office.
    • Support 2-1-1 and other important social service agencies by donating to your local United Way.

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